Greetings! I’m Anna Weiss, a Namkha maker and an artist.

I’ve been making Namkhas in Namkhai Norbu tradition since 2018.

Namkhas helped me to recover from physical and mental disability. This is why I created the Namkha Encyclopedia.

Namkha method is the precious opportunity to harmonize, protect and fulfill life.

My calling is to spread and support the knowledge of Namkhas and help people to apply this precious method of transformation.

my expertise

I was presented with a Namkha in 2016.

In 2017 I received transmission from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

In 2018 I completed Namkha training course and have started to make thread-crosses.

I’ve made over 150 Namkhas in different sizes and materials.

After reaching this number I stopped counting – as I gained the top of the skill in making  thread-crosses.

I experimented a lot until found the most effective and powerful way to make Namkhas.

I’ve been happy to make and ship Namkhas to practitioners in 15 countries on 4 continents:

UK, France, Slovakia, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Chile and Singapore

This is my 5th website dedicated to Namkha tradition. I’ve come a long way until managed to create such a useful, good-looking and developed platform.

After I learned Namkha making in 2018, I continued self-education with great passion. It results in excellent knowledge in calculating and making of Namkhas. All types for all purposes.
I’ve been making Namkha tutorials since 2020. Now I’m proud to present tutorial section here. It helps to make a Namkha on your own in any part of the world.
Currently I continue working on the Encyclopedia and Namkha calculation program.


Make Namkha method as accessible as possible for Community all over the world.


Provide clear, accurate and aesthetic educational materials and program


“Namkha maker”

by Anna Rucheikova

Medium: Ceylon tea, color pencils, fine liners.

A Namkha radiates light eliminating negative forces.