how to maintain a namkha

◈ Empowerment


A Namkha must be empowered with a special ritual on a regular basis. Without the ritual it’s just a plain object with no activity at all.


When to empower a Namkha

Traditionally one empowers Namkhas on 10th or 15th lunar day. Also practice can be made on 25th or 30th lunar day. But these rules are not strict, and you can empower your Namkhas in any other day too, if needed.

Frequency of empowerment ritual

In general it’s enough to empower Namkhas once a month – such frequency provides an effective action of a charm. But if you feel necessity of more support, or you have some challenging situation, you can empower your Namkha more frequently. Several times a month, or even every day in a row – if you need to change your current circumstances and make them more favorable quickly.

◈ How to keep a Namkha


There are at least two ways to keep a charm. You can place it on the wall, putting a charm on small nails, or you can place your Namkha in a stand. You can make a stand by putting any sort of grain in a glass. Or you can make simple wooden stand with holes in it.

If you have an altar, you can place your Namhkas there.

Keep your charm with great respect in the place you live. Do not place charms on doors, grids or in technical areas.

Namkhas placed in a hand-made stand. The Double Namkha placed in a glass with a grain

◈ how to dispose a namkha


Do not throw your Namkha as a regular garbage.

If something is wrong with a charm, it must be burned in regular fire.

When a Namkha must be burned:

– if a Namkha is broken.

– if a Namkha has mistake.

– if you remade a Namkha.

– if a person for whom a Namkha was made died.


◈ When to remake a Namkha


One should remake a charm if the old one became weak.

Capacity of a charm

Every Namkha has its own capacity. It depends on individual’s circumstances and current level of energy.

“Expiration date”

In my practice I have a case when threads weakened within 2 days. But this particular case was very hard. During last three years I’ve been remaking my own Namkhas every 7-8 months – regarding that I also had some tough situations. But lifespan of every Namkha is very individual, and other person may have one charm for the entire life.


Threads are indicator

If threads in your Namkha have been weakened, it means that all capacity of the charm has been spent. In other words, such Namkha is not effective anymore.

How to check threads

Check the condition of the Life Rhombus. If If threads aren’t strong anymore and you don’t feel any tensioning – it’s time to remake a Namkha. Distorted geometry is an indicator too.