order a Namkha

Empowerment on a regular basis is required ❗

◆ I make Namkhas with forest sticks. This is the most powerful way.

—> How  I make Namkhas ARTICLE


Namkha making is a tough process. It requires considerable capacity and resilience. 

—-> Why it’s hard to make Namkhas – ARTICLE



1. price

250 usd - Namkha standard

25x34 cm

More powerful

150 usd - namkha mini

17x25 cm

More affordable

I begin to make a Namkha after I receive payment


2. Payment method


Western union

Country: Georgia
Recipient: Anna Rucheikova

additional information is provided by request 


3. Terms & Conditions


➡️ Namkhas are not intended to work with active cancer. Orders for such conditions are not accepted.

➡️ You can cancel order only within 2 days after you sent money. No refunds after this time are provided.

➡️ Namkhas are shamanic items. They must be treated with respect, otherwise problems and misfortunes will appear.


4. process & Shipment


In general it takes 6 weeks to make a Namkha

 In general shipment takes 1-1.5 months.

Free delivery worldwide included


5. what information i need:

  • time and date of birth
  • place of birth
  • mobile phone
  • shipment address

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