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Namkha Encyclopedia goes on vacation
till January 2024

Dear all!

I inform you that no orders will be accepted till the end of December 2023.
I’ll be fully involved in all projects again after Winter Solstice 2023.
Which means that I’ll be active again appr. from January 2024.

  • No orders will be accepted till the end of December 2023.


Stay tuned – and our team will return to all activities with new energy!


Empowerment on a regular basis is required ❗

◆ I make Namkhas with forest sticks. This is the most powerful way.

—> How  I make Namkhas ARTICLE


Namkha making is a tough process. It requires considerable capacity and resilience. 

—-> Why it’s hard to make Namkhas – ARTICLE



1. price

250 usd

I begin to make a Namkha after I receive payment


2. Payment method



a) paypal





Link is correct. Sean White helps me with financial matters.





b) Crypto currency


Asset: USDT

Net: BEP20

Wallet number:





3. Terms & Conditions


➡️ Namkhas are not intended to work with active cancer. Orders for such conditions are not accepted.

➡️ You can cancel order only within 2 days after you sent money. No refunds after this time are provided.

➡️ Namkhas are shamanic items. They must be treated with respect, otherwise problems and misfortunes will appear.

4. process & Shipment


In general it takes 6 weeks to make a Namkha

 In general shipment takes 1-1.5 months.

Free delivery worldwide included


5. what information i need:

  • time and date of birth
  • place of birth
  • mobile phone
  • shipment address

Send this information below:




Sending info below confirms that you are aware of Terms & Conditions.