why it's Hard

to make a namkha

Harmonizing means dealing with Chaos, and Chaos never wants to reduce its presence.
For this reason on the way to harmonization a variety of obstacles appears.
I’ve encountered so many obstacles on the way – with your Namkhas, my Namkhas, with all activities I’m involved in.
When I was harvesting sticks for the first Namkha for this project, I fell on the ice and barely escaped swimming in very cold water – it happened in December.
A Namkha maker is forced to deal with different obstacles.
Tools break, vice slip away, I remake rhombuses for 3 or more times straight… Chisel slips away – and breaks sticks… Making mistakes in colors and unwrapping threads…
And this still happens after more than a 100 thread-crosses I made. It’s not the matter of my skill.




It’s about the obstacles a Namkha maker is forced to deal with.
This is why I charge such cost for Namkhas. And this is why it never will be a cheap process.
It takes great energy to make a good Namkha. And great rest after.
Namkhas are powerful items with potential to truly change one’s life.
This is why it difficult to make them – and it takes much energy and resilience.