Everything about life-changing thread-crosses

in Namkhai Norbu tradition


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Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, the famous master of Tibetan Buddhism,

discovered Namkha method.

Mostly knowledge of making true and life-changing thread-crosses was lost,

until he discovered full method on how to calculate and make Namkhas in 1983.

It is a unique method to support practitioners on their spiritual and daily life all over the world.

about author

Namkha Encyclopedia is a project created by one of the most qualified Namkha makers in the Dzogchen Community – Anna Weiss. She’s been studying and practicing the Namkha method for 6 years.

Anna is known for her determination and passionate approach. As a member of Namkha method team in Shang Shung publications, Anna knows everything in every aspect of calculating and making Namkhas.

For the benefit of Dzogchen Community Anna created one of kind on-line Namkha making course – free of charge video-series, explaining how make a Namkha -

Also she developed a special educational program allowing to teach practitioners how to construct a Namkha on-line.

Anna is happy to make true shamanic and powerful items regarding the origins of Namkhas – Bon tradition of weaving thread-crosses.

She studied how to make Namkhas for Tibetan hour and Tibetan Day for the sake of her own benefit to overcome very difficult and dangerous situations , which made her one of the most qualified Namkha makers in the Dzogchen Community.

Power of a namkha

namkha is a transformational item -

it improves your life in many aspects:

Namkha helps to improve life of a practitioner in many ways.

It helps to immensely improve daily circumstances, helps to reach better health condition and  to attract fortune in a practitioner’s deeds.

The Namkha method is considered as secondary practice to reach more successful spiritual and daily life.

It helps to attain secondary siddhis, such a good health, personal power, and ability to do different tasks, requiring strong energy.

It can be considered as an item to change destiny of a person – from unhappy and problematic life to much more harmonized an living.

what practitioners say about namkhas?

types of a namkha:

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Namkhas are the part of N. Norbu tradition

Empowerment or a regular basis is required

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