Namkha Encyclopedia

The project to spread Namkhas -

items to harmonize and protect life.

Namkhai Norbu tradition.

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, famous master of Tibetan Buddhism,

discovered Namkha method.


Mostly knowledge of making true and life-changing thread-crosses was lost,

until he discovered full method on how to calculate and make Namkhas in 1983.

It is a unique method to support and protect lives of people all over the world.

how I recovered with namkhas

Anna Weiss, author of the project

Namkhas helped me to recover from  poor mental and physical condition.


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how Namkhas  change lives 

Positive changes with getting a Namkha – improvements, circumstances changing, business growth – and just miracles

Namkhas are the part OF THE BUDDHIST TRADITION

 Regular empowerment is required.

Help encyclopedia release FULL calculation program

We’re working on full and new calculation program that will allow to calculate

Namkhas for hour and day of birth for free


These are the most important ones according to N. Norbu

Development requires financial support.


A lot of work to be done – both in research and writing the program


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