Project to preserve and spread Namkhas –

items to harmonize and protect life


Namkhai Norbu Tradition

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Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, famous master of Tibetan Buddhism,

discovered Namkha method.


Mostly knowledge of making true and life-changing thread-crosses was lost,

until he discovered full method on how to calculate and make Namkhas in 1983.

It is a unique method to support and protect lives of practitioners all over the world.

about author

Namkha Encyclopedia is created by Anna Rucheikova.

Anna Rucheikova is one of the most qualified Namkha makers in the world  –

she knows perfectly how to calculate Namkhas for hour, day and year,

as well she’s interpreted calculation for Double Namkhas – for a “bad” year and for 2 people in relationship.

She did extraordinary work on studying Namkha method in all aspects and collecting all information for this website.

She is an author of one-of-a-kind online video educational course on Namkha making.

She is a member of Shang Shung Publications working group on Namkha method.

Anna is happy to share her knowledge with the Community and make Namkhas more accessible for everyone.

impact of a namkha

namkha is a transformational item -

it improves your life in many aspects:

  • your abilities and capacity to fulfill them;

  • health & energy;

  • relationship with nearest and distant ones

  • and many other aspects

what practitioners say about namkhas?

types of a namkha:

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Namkhas are the part of N. Norbu tradition

Empowerment or a regular basis is required

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