The project to preserve and spread Namkhas

items to harmonize and protect life.


Namkhai Norbu Tradition

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, famous master of Tibetan Buddhism,

discovered Namkha method.


Mostly knowledge of making true and life-changing thread-crosses was lost,

until he discovered full method on how to calculate and make Namkhas in 1983.

It is a unique method to support and protect lives of people all over the world.

how I recovered with namkhas

Anna Weiss, author of the project

With Namkhas I recovered from  poor mental and physical condition.

in the
of changes


changes with Namkhas

What changes appear in life – practitioners share their experience

Namkhas are the part n. norbu TRADITION

 Empowerment on a regular basis is required

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