◈ What namkhas are?

Namkha charms is an ancient method for protection and harmonization of energy and life.

They came from Bön – tradition of Tibet, which was spread widely before Buddhism had come to the country

namkha invites fortune, removes obstacles, protects and harmonizes life

A Namkha leads you to a balanced life. One that suits you well.

◈ history

You can find similar charms throughout the world: in India, Africa, North and South America. The shape of charms may differ, but all of them are made in the same way.

In South America such charms are called “Ojos de Dios” – God’s eye.

Slavs also had such charm and called it “God’s eye”.

As you see, each charm has an “eye” – easy visible central element.

Isfand, Iran
Ojos de Dios, South America
God's eye, North America

Many people had such item in their culture. It was essential to protect inhabitants’ life from negative powers, illnesses, bring fortune and increase everything positive: prosperity, long life, merits, etc.

Every people had it’s own tradition to empower charms. Today rituals mostly are lost due to expancy of modern religions.

Tibet and his culture is an exclusion: down to Chinese occupation it saved their unique culture and kept lineages of ancient methods to work with energy. Bon rituals were integrated to Buddhism and survived through ages.

◈ namkhai norbu legacy

Bon and Buddhist communities still make Namkha charms.

One of the accurate techniques was recovered by famous tibetan master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. He discovered exact and holistic method to make and empower Namkhas in 1983.

He received this teaching as mind terma, experiencing a dream.

Such masters, able to discover termas, are known as tertons.


Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, famous master of Tibetan Buddhism.

◈ Why Namkha is not a simple ethnic mandala

Namkha making is based on accurate astrological calculations.  Each Namkha is personally calculated for each individual. That’s why Namkha charms differ from other ethnic or esoteric charms.

◈ Empowerment

Every Namkha must be empowered with a special ritual– otherwise it won’t work. Ritual requires a transmission from a master in the tradition of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

Empowerment must be provided on the regular basis – the best option is once a month.

Learn more about the empowerment

◈ No personal beliefs are required

No one needs faith to benefit from Namkha charms. They work independently and without any personal beliefs.

Namkhas are accessible to people of all religions, agnostics and atheists.

Namhkas are not magic or misterious amulets

they are a part of a buddhist tradition

Q & A

Namkhas are not intended for fulfilling particular wishes. A Namkha harmonizes energy in general, and creates more favorable circumstances. Sometimes people even change profession to more suitable for them.

A Namkha can be very useful for improving one’s health condition – both physical and mental.

However, Namkhas are not intended to work with serious diseases, such as cancer in active phase.

In this case, please accept my sympathy, and reach a therapist who works with your type of disease. It’s very important.

Namkhas always help, in any year, no matter it’s unfavorable on not.

It’s very good to always have a Namkha to be protected and attract fortunate circumstances

Ask your friend, whether she or he wants such an item. Sometimes we crave to help our nearest and dearest.

But it’s always up to them. They need to decide on their own.  If your friend agrees, you can make a Namkha for her.

If not, leave her free to make her own choices.

Yes. People who don’t practice can benefit from the Namkhas too.

But your Namkha must be empowered by a practitioner from Namkhai Norbu tradition. On a regular basis.