How I recovered with

from disability to healthy life

I do not treat Namkhas as a formal Buddhist heritage, but as very practical method to improve life and strengthen energy.
I had multiple issues throughout my life, including severe problems with physical and mental health.

I was disabled, incapable to work and provide for myself.
I had black depression episodes,
I conducted tuberculosis and spent several years recovering after it.

Later, with help of Namkhas, I managed to reveal these experiences as repercussions of  psychological, mental and sexual abuse in my childhood.
Namkhas allowed me to overcome many of problems  and heal – physically and mentally.
My problems are what made me a true Namkha expert – I needed to learn everything about this precious method to improve.
I still study.

I’m happy to meet you in this space of transformation.
And share the knowledge with you.
You are very welcome.