Personal Namkha

namkha for individuals

A person can have 3 personal Namkhas*:

1) made for hour of birth

2) made for day of birth

3) made for year of birth


It’s good to have all 3 personal Namkhas to maximize harmonizing and protective effect.

Each of these Namkhas operates on its own level of energy.

The most important Namkha is one for your hour of birth.


If you don’t know your accurate time of birth, it’s recommended to have one for day of birth.


Personal Namkha is responsible for your protection, prosperity, health, fortune in daily life.

Personal Namkha is essential for having favorable circumstances and is indispensable support on spiritual path of a practitioner.


* Namkha book 2022 also mentions a Namkha for month of birth.

There is no official interpretation of calculation method of this type of a Namkha.

Those who are interested and in serious need may apply this interpretation:

How to calculate Namkha for month