Namkha for month

how to calculate

The information below has a status of personal research.

This is an interpretation based on personal studies and expertise in Namkha calculations.


I use this method for personal Namkhas and for Namkhas of my nearest and dearest.

I decided to share this interpretation after I once practiced Long Thun. After Invocation of the Guardians it came across my mind that it’s correct to share this interpretation with those who are interested.



Please use this method in case of difficult and dangerous situations, when one needs as much support as possible.


In regular cases it’s enough to have Namkhas for hour, day & year – as Shang Shung Publications strictly advises.

From “Namkha: Harmonizing the energy of the elements” (2022):

The three [Mewas] black 2, yellow 5, and white 8

are the birth Mewa of each of the first months of the four seasons

(ra ba bzhi: Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Boar).

The three [Mewas]

white 1, green 4, and red 7

are the birth Mewa of each of the second months of the four seasons

(‘bring po bzhi: Hare, Horse, Bird, Mouse).

The three [Mewas]

blue 3, white 6, and red 9

are the birth Mewa of each of the last months of the four seasons

(tha chung bzhi: Dragon, Sheep, Dog, Ox).”

Here it is implied that the calculation proceeds in a reverse order (lugs ldog)


Months of Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Boar:

Capacity mewa – 8

Body mewa – 5

Life mewa- 2

Months of Hare, Horse, Bird, Mouse:

Capacity mewa – 7

Body mewa – 4

Life mewa – 1

Months of Dragon, Sheep, Ox, Dog:

Capacity mewa – 9

Body mewa – 6

Life mewa -3

Fortune Mewa:

In each case Fortune mewa is the one of the year of birth.