my business grows and i feel more energetic

Sean White, Australia


“My namkha arrived and it looked very beautiful with the natural wood. Once I did empower it on a Dakini day evening, the changes in my life literally started the next morning.

I felt quite different withing a few minutes too. I used a very short two line Ganapuja, and inserted the Namkha authentication inside of it.
I have noticed that people are now more receptive to me and now usually assume the best of me when I deal with them. People now speak well of me more and my home has a much happier feel to it.
I have also received a lot of new ongoing work for my small business.
The changes were much more than simply feeling nice or a mild placebo effect. People have even mentioned to me that I seem younger and more full of life. I find myself remembering presence more now too.
I strongly encourage you to make a Namkha soon instead of later, or to get Anna to make one for you”

i see the world through the eyes of a child

Fabrizio Callistri, Italy

“After six months with a Namkha I would like to share some thoughts with You. We are very fortunate to have known the Master who passed on this ancient and precious knowledge. We are fortunate to have someone like Anna who can build a Namkha with unique precision, care and love. There is no need for doubt.
In my experience, nothing revolutionary has happened in these 6 months. The people , the problems of my world are still there. What has extraordinarily changed is the VISION, the perception of Everything . Sometimes I see the world through the eyes of a child. Without the prejudices and negative mental infrastructure of recent years. Is this ‘return to innocence’ thanks to a Namkha? I can’t say for sure, but intimately I believe YES and I hope that this assertion will reach You in all its purity”