Namkha for hour of birth

how to calculate

This type of a Namkha is most important. For everything – protection, welfare, fortune, self-realization.

Calculation method is tricky. But result is rewarding and beyond any expectations.

Calculation method is based on Namkhai Norbu’s text “The light of the snowy mountain”

Directions were given on Migmar Tsering’s practical course on Tibetan Astrology (2019)

1. Identify your tibetan hour of birth

Each Tibetan day consist of 12 Tibetan hours. There are 6 day hours and 6 night hours.

Each hour corresponds to particular animal and element.

Tibetan day:

First hour – Hare

Starts at civil twilight (dawn)

Ends at nautical twilight (dusk)

Tibetan night:

First hour – Bird

Starts at nautical twilight (dusk)

Ends at civil twilight of the next day (dawn)


To identify time of dawn and dusk in your place of birth, use SunCalc

Use SunCalc to calculate time of dawn or dusk

identify your tibetan hour correctly

Duration of each hour depends on a season. In winter there will be long night hours and short day hours. And vice versa for summer.

Depending on your time of birth, you’ll need to calculate duration of day or night.


Divide time from dawn to dusk into 6 parts.

There will be 6 day hours – from Hare to Monkey.


Divide time from dusk to dawn of the next day into 6 parts.

There will be 6 night hours – from Bird to Tiger.

Daylight saving time

! Don’t forget to consider daylight saving time. If it was used at your birth period.

Example: A person was born in Bydgoszcz, Poland on June 10 2019 at 5.25. GMT +2– daylight saving time on

In winter season Bydgoszcz time zone is GMT +1 – daylight saving time off.

Consider such details for your country.

2. identify element of your tibetan hour

First hour – Hare – is always a son of element of a day.

Example : 6.12.2019 – day of Metal Snake.

First hour – Water Hare.

Then elements follow the child sequence for each hour:

Hare hour – Water

Dragon hour – Wood

Snake hour – Fire

and so on.

Once you identified animal and element of your hour,

identifying Life, Body, Capacity & Fortune

is the same as for Namkha for year

3. identify mewa for your time of birth

Day period is divided to nine mewas

Night period is divided to nine mewas.


First mewa of each period is equal to mewa of a day.

Each tibetan hour corresponds to two mewa numbers


6.12.2019 – Day of Metal Snake, mewa 7


First mewa in day period – 7

Numbers go in direct order: 7, 8, 9, 1. 2….


First mewa in night period – 7

Numbers go in direct order: 7, 8, 9, 1. 2…

Look at the calculation template one more time:


Each hour is divided into thirds.

Identify which third corresponds to your time of birth. It’s your mewa of an hour.


now identify mewa aspects

Procedure is the same as for namkha for a day

Mewa of time of birth – your body mewa.

Fortune mewa is equal to one of your astrological year of birth.

4. harmonization

Once you identified all aspects, the method of harmonization is equal to namkha for a year.

5. example of a calculation

Hour chart calculation

for female person born at 08:17 am on 6.12.2019 in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Namkha chart for this person