Namkha for a day of birth

how to calculate

A Namkha for the day of birth is more important than one for the year.

To benefit from the Namkha method more fundamentally, it’s recommended to have a Namkha for a day.

Calculation method is based on Namkhai Norbu’s text “The light of the snowy mountain”

Directions were given on Migmar Tsering’s practical course on Tibetan Astrology (2019)

1. identify your tibetan day

Each Tibetan day has its own animal sign, element and mewa.

You need to identify your Tibetan day using Classical Phugpa Calendar

Use Western to Tibetan day converter



for 6.12.2019 Tibetan Day is Metal Snake


! Each Tibetan day starts on dawn – in general it’s between 5.00 am and 8 a.m

If you was born earlier (at night), pick previous Tibetan day.


You’ll need to use sunrise calculator –

It will help you to identify the time of dawn.



Let’s identify Tibetan day of birth for person born at 01:00 am on 6.12.2019 in Bydgoszcz, Poland

What is the time of dawn for this day in Bydgoszcz? – 07:03

Astrologically you must pick previous day – “yesterday” – 5.12.2019, Earth Dragon

Dawn time in Bydgoszcs on 6.12.2019

2. identify life, body, capacity and fortune

Once you identified animal & element of the day, you can easily identify these aspects.

Use data from “Namkha for a year” section.

3. identify mewa of your day

Identify mewa of your birth day using Day mewa page. Choose one for astrological year.

capacity, body and life mewas

Mewa of your day of birth is Body Mewa.

To identify Life Mewa and Capacity Mewa,

use Nine Magic Mewa Squares:

Center is Body Mewa , upper right corner is Life Mewa, and lower left corner is Capacity Mewa.


Day mewa – 8

Body mewa – 8

Life – 5

Capacity – 2

Fortune mewa

Fortune Mewa is equal to one of your birth year.

To identify Fortune Mewa , visit Birth Mewa page. You’ll need a number from “Luck (klung rta) ” line.

It is in the the very bottom of table.


Fortune mewa for a person born on 06.12.2019

is equal to mewa for corresponding astrological year

Fortune mewa for this year – 5

3. harmonization

Once you identified all aspects, the method of harmonization is equal to namkha for a year.

4. example of calculation

Chart for a female person born at 08:17 am on 6.12.2019 in Bydgoszcz, Poland