How to empower
a Namkha...

...if you don't have transmission

Namkhas are a part of Namkhai Norbu’s tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

One needs to have transmission in this tradition to empower Namkhas.


But what to do if you don’t have it, but still eager to benefit from this method?

You can visit one of Dzogchen Community centers.

There are situated worldwide.



List of Gars and Lings of Dzogchen Community:

When to empower

Namkhas are empowered on 10th or 15th lunar day on a collective practice – ganapuja.

You can bring your Namkha to ganapuja and stay as guest. Or you can just put in on altar and take it back in the end of a practice.

*be sure that your center provides empowerment of Namkhas. If it doesn’t – send request about including this ritual in a practice.


Frequency of empowerment

If you don’t have opportunity to visit a center monthly, you can visit it every 2-3 months, every 6 months or once a year – in January.