Anna Weiss Dharma Art

hand-drawn pieces by a namkha maker

Hello, I’m Anna Weiss – a Namkha maker and a Dharma artist.

I studied multiple artistic disciplines in one of the top-3 artistic universities in my country.

After recovery with Namkhas, I’ve started to draw again.

I’m happy to share my vision,

combining elements Asian and Western art.

At this moment I sell original hand-drawn pieces created by me.


How to buy my art

I accept payment by this PayPal:



Link is correct, this is my friend. He helps me with financial matters.


Free delivery worldwide included.


With the exception for: Australia, Poland.

For countries mentioned above shipping is possible with additional fee.


for sale:

“Dharma Wheel”
8 auspicious symbols series.
30×31 cm,
archival black ink, walnut ink, color pencils.
This piece in unique and will be not duplicated in future.