☉ Astrological Losar

Two Losars in one year

In Phugpa astrological tradition, which is considered as official, classical and most common, there are two Losars in one year.


Great Losar – Feb/March

The one everyone knows about is Great Losar. A governmental celebration, occurring in February or March.


In Phugpa calendar the beginning of the year always corresponds to date of Great Losar.

These dates are also used for year-to-year Tibetan Calendar by Shang Shung Publications every new year always starts from them.


In Phugpa Calendar new year officially starts from 1st month of Dragon – which always occurs in February or March.

But for astrological calculations and horoscopes another Losar is used – the little Losar.


Little Losar – Dec/Jan

Astrologically a Tibetan year begins two lunar months earlier – in the 11th month of Tiger. 11th month of Tiger occurs it December or January.

In Phugpa Tradition all astrological calculations and natal horoscopes are made considering dates of little Losars only.


If you open Phugpa Calendar, you’ll see that changing of elements of months starts from 11th month of Tiger.

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche explained this issue in details in “Key for consulting Tibetan Calendar”

Tatiana Ulyanova, recognized Russian Astrologist, also pointed out that Namkhai Norbu used Phugpa Calendar as base for one of his own tradition. She wrote that Rinpoche relied on old Chinese calendar (which is basically Phugpa Calendar), and in this calendar astrological Losar begins in December.

It makes great sense. The date of “Little New Year” fluctuates around Winter Solstice – the shortest day in the year.


Regarding classical astrological Phugpa tradition, and all directions given in “Key of consulting Tibetan Calendar”, it makes sense to use dates of little Losars for Namkha calculations.

In this case change of Animal and Element of the year occurs in December/January. You can look for detailed information in any of Phugpa on-line calendars.


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