How to choose yarn

to make a namkha easily


🌿Convenient and technically easy approach is based on a right yarn.❗

Thick yarn allows to make a Namkha 2 times faster. Also it forgives mistakes – you can unmake knots any time.These points are important, especially for beginners.

➡️ So what yarn do you need?

👉 made from natural materials – wool or cotton. I use mix of wool and cotton, 50/50. For me it’s the best option – threads don’t slip.

👉 of suitable weight.Right now I live in Russia. I use local yarn marked as 3-4 weight. It means that’s it’s intended for 3-4 mm needles.

The best match for it is:

Fine, 4-ply. For 3-3.5 mm needles. This yarn may be a little bit thinner. But it’s okay.It’s will be easy to add 1-2 rounds in each rhombus if needed..

💠You can learn what colors you need in 🔸NAMKHA GUIDE🔸