How to make sticks

making a namkha starts from sticks


For this task you’ll need almost a zero skill in wood working. Or you can ask to help a friend who’s familiar with such a labor.


📏 The easiest way is to take a square-shaped 10×10 mm wooden rod and make sticks from it. Round-shaped sticks are also an option.

📏 You’ll need 1.2 m of rod for one sticks set. But take 2 m – just in case.

📏 Make the channels a little bit more narrow – 9 mm instead of 10 mm. It will provide strong connection between sticks.

📏 Make sure that rods are made from solid peace of wood. Often shop pieces are made from different pieces and connected with a glue. Such rods are inappropriate


Sticks drawing is in Namkha Guide


I harvest sticks in forests. They are most natural and better correspond to Bon tradition, where power of natures were actively involved.