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Namkha calculation program

Our team – Anna Weiss & Simon Apollo Weiss


Is happy to inform you that we’re currently working on new Namkha Calculation Program.

This program will allow to calculate all types of a Namkha – for hour, day and year of birth with high accuracy.

Namkhas for hour and day are very important and provide more fundamental and precise harmonization.

(according to Namkha book 2021 by Ch.N. Norbu)


This program will be unique –  no one ever done this before.


May 2022:

Working on rendering – if one inputs already defined aspects, the program renders PDF

Next steps:

1) Develop algorithm to create Classical Phugpa Calendar for any year

2) Develop algorithm for calculating aspects based on Phugpa Calendar

Current render:


We need financial support to release the program. We need to spend full 2 months on program development.


Namkha program requires a lot of research, programming and testing.


We’ll spend all our time on it – it’s full-time initiative.


We need to fund 2000 USD

(2900 Australian dollars)


This amount will allow to fully focus on the program and release product of high quality





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